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HT Motor Rewinding and Overhauling

World Class Services in renovation and reconditioning of

HT Motor Stator and Rotor Rewinding upto 11 | 6.6 | 3.3 KV 2500 kW

Turbo Generator Rewinding and Overhauling upto 15 kV 35 MW

Wind Mill Induction Generator | DG HT Alternator | Servicing and Rewinding

Marine Alternator and associated Mechanical Service works.

Special machine Re-design and Re- Winding.

LT Motor Rewinding and Overhauling

We Re-design, Rewind and Overhaul all LT Motors

Separate Unit for LT Motor Rewinding Works

Vertical frame Motors | Dynamic Balancing | Mechanical Servicing

Load Test Bed Available with all Testing Equipments

AMC Contract for LT Motors

Transformer Service Works

State-of-the-Art Oil Processing Rigs upto 12 KL/hour in the India

Transformer Oil filtration & dehydration of insulating fluid using hot oil circulation

0.5 - 1 micron filter for the filtration of transformer oil

Onsite BDV (breakdown voltage) test to determine quality of filtered transformer oil

HT Diamond Coil Manufacturer

We manufacture Diamond Coils for HT Stators and Rotors.

Special Diamond Coils

Traction Coils

Commutator Coils

Special Application magnetic Coils

Successfully completed major projects

More the 200+ Successfully completed and satisfied customers.